One of the most effective means of purifying water is through the use of ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays can disinfect water and kill bacteria, it can also penetrate any harmful pathogens in drinking water and destroy the microorganisms that can cause illness. The way UV rays work is by targeting the genetic core (DNA) of the microorganisms and destroying their ability to reproduce.ultraviolet light

A UV system can destroy close to 100% of harmful bacteria in water without having to use or add chemicals and without changing the taste of the water. In some instances, a UV water purification system is used in conjunction with reverse osmosis or carbon block filter systems.

Using a UV system to disinfect water can be done at the “residential point of entry” into the home and can disinfect the entire home. If e. coli or other bacteria or viruses are suspected, a UV system can address it, especially in cases such as when a home uses a private well. It’s not recommended to use chlorine or other chemicals when purifying a private well because of the potential for toxic byproducts.

What are the advantages of UV purification? Here are a few:

  1. It has no taste and no odor.
  2. It is close to 100% effective in killing pathogens in the water.
  3. It is an energy efficient way to purify your drinking water.
  4. It allows you the option to clean your home’s water without using any chemicals.
  5. Once the UV system is put in place, it operates without much maintenance other than an annual changing of the UV bulb.

While UV systems can kill bacteria it is not able to eliminate heavy metals, chlorine or other volatile organic compounds and that’s why UV systems are used in conjunction with other purification methods.

When you’re searching for a UV water purification system for your home you will want to find one that will treat the entire home and one that matches the peak demand flow of your home and its occupants.

Treating your home’s drinking water with UV light is a natural process that doesn’t introduce any chemicals into the family drinking water.

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