More and more robots and artificial intelligence is being seen throughout the world of technology. Alongside smartphones; fitness accessories and robotic appliances are showing up. Personal, practical and well-designed, these products bundle both robotic hardware and the ease of connected services into consumer-friendly packages for high-tech fans.

A half a century ago, the House of the Future was a marvel to be seen at Disneyland. Inside where appliances that receded into countertops when not in use, an adjustable-height sink, and a heating-and-cooling system that emitted the gentle scent of saltwater or pine needles. At the time, that all seemed very futuristic. Now, what was once seen as high tech and not likely to appear in homes, these futuristic items are everywhere in the home. They can be worn on your wrist, or vacuum the floor.

Robotic vacuums are designed to move about the home and clean up without any manual labor. Soon, they will be able to distinguish between a ball of fluff and a wedding ring. They will be able to adjust to whether they are in the kitchen or a bedroom.

While robotic vaRobotic Appliancescuums have been around for a few years, the home of the future will be designed with sensors that soak up data about the on-going activity inside.

Washing machines are already on the market that can sense the size of each load, and how dirty the clothes are allowing it to determine how much water and detergent to use.

Soon, the intelligent oven will be available. It will come equipped with sensors and cameras to figure out what kind of food you are preparing, then adjust the temperature accordingly.

The house will be designed with a security system that will not only know when someone is in the home, but will have the ability to recognize the person. Smartphones will be alerted when an unfamiliar face is identified.

Robotic appliances like the furnace are also available. Equipped with thermostats, these furnaces can adjust the temperature based on outdoor weather and if someone is home, or not.

In the near future, a coffeemaker will be able to sense the movement and begin the brew cycle without anyone setting it. Lights and ceiling fans will turn on and off as people enter and exit a room.

Robotic appliances for the out of doors will also get smarter. A ‘smart’ technology watering system combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing, and connected services that will care for plants while saving water. A remote-controlled robot can even clean gutters. Robotic lawn mowers are also available and run on batteries.

All of the technology incorporated in robotic appliances wouldn’t be possible without a precision lens.  No matter which type of appliance or house-hold tool you are building, employing the services of UKA gives confidence that your lens is designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

The key to effective robots is “being able to anticipate or predict what people will do,” says Julie Shah, the head of the Interactive Robotics Group at MIT. “The idea is to either support [people] or stay out of their way.” Eventually, robotic appliances will fold laundry, cook meals, and pick up clutter. And if they work well, you won’t even notice them.