Identifying Plants Versus Weeds


Farming equipment has come a long way and at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, John Deere made a big splash with their new technology. Exhibited in 2019, John Deere’s newest combine showed signs of life with its machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence. This year, they [...]

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Machine Vision In The Agri-Food Industry


Recent estimates from the United Nations predict the world will need around 60 per cent more food by 2050. Precision farming will be vital in meeting this demand. The use of machine vision in the Agri-food industry will play a crucial role in the advances being made in precision farming. [...]

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Robotic Farming: The Future Is Here


Robotic farming is here and it’s showing up in small pockets of the world. In the not-too-distant future, our fields could all be tilled, sown, tended and harvested entirely by fleets of co-operating autonomous machines by land and air.  They will be working both day and night. [...]

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Automation in Agriculture


For centuries, farming was an intuitive process. Today, it’s networked, analytical, and data-driven. Large farms (1,000 acres or more) started the trend, adopting the tools of precision agriculture—using GPS-guided tractors, drones, and computer modeling to customize how each inch of land is farmed. Farm managers can measure and map things [...]

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Increasing Productivity with Drones in Agriculture


If precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky will drive the next. With using drone or UAV technology, you can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering up to hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight, without the cost and [...]

Increasing Productivity with Drones in Agriculture2023-10-26T16:07:16-04:00

Using Robotics in Farming


To feed the world’s growing population, farmers are looking for new ways to automate agricultural processes which includes using robotics. In recent years, there has been an increase in the agriculture industry’s level of interest in the development and deployment of driverless tractors, aerial surveying of farmlands, data collection, field [...]

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