The manufacture of lenses is a precise art and UKA Optics creates custom lenses that encompass all measurements and testing applications for many industries, medical, scientific, and military applications and more.

As background to the exacting science of measurements you need to understand how an inch became an inch and why a pound is not a kilo. These are answered when you understand metrology. Metrology is a Greek term derived from “metron” and “logo” which translate to “the study of measurement.” The study of metrology encompasses both theoretical and experimental aspects of measurement. Engineering and manufacturing in industries such as lens manufacture enforce, validate and verify standards of precision, accuracy and reliability. Those who work with metrology also understand the need to understand the relationship between variables in measurements and precision.Custom Lenses

Metrology is broken down into three fields:

  1. Applied or industrial metrology
  2. Fundamental or scientific metrology
  3. Legal metrology

Applied metrology establishes the appropriate measurements of instruments. It ensures compliance and precision in the calibration of instruments used to manufacture lenses.

Fundamental metrology encompasses and establishes units of measure and sets standards for definitive physical quantities. These also incorporate traditional and metric systems. Scientific, fundamental, metrology includes the “realization” of standards that society uses – aka inches, kilos, pounds. Mastery of the science of measurement is a prerequisite for industrial and lens manufacturing and across all manufacturing that operates at the highest level of precision and accuracy.

Legal metrology has an objective to regulate measurements and instruments used to measure them. This protects the consumer. For example, it assures that you are receiving a pound of coffee or a yard of fabric.

Because of the degrees of accuracy necessary in lens manufacture whether in the medical or industrial field, it is critical that the measurements are standardized between industries. When seeking a lens manufacturer for your precision needs, discuss their level of experience and expertise in the field of metrology.