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Image and Bar Code Scanning Lens Uses

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.

Image and Bar Code Scanning Lens

Image and Bar Code Scanning Lens

Image and bar code scanning is a very useful and innovative technology that can be used for many different applications such as product tracking, inventory, OCR systems, and much more. These scanners are being used more and more as technology advances.

Metrologic launched the world’s first bar code scanner in 1975 and since then it has become the most well known piece of equipment pertaining to gathering and deciphering data. The most important component of these scanning devices is the lens. A quality lens is crucial in any bar code and image scanning device. Universe Optics is the industry leader in quality custom lenses to adequately meet all of your bar code and image scanning needs for both stationary and handheld scanning devices.

Universe Optics offers the best standard and custom high resolutions lens assemblies for OCR systems, film scanners, bar code scanners, digital photography, and bill counters. With focal lengths from 8-112 mm and F-numbers as fast as F/2.0 Universe Optics is leading the industry and can help you reach your greatest potential with their top of the line bar code and image scanning lenses. Universe optics’ image/bar code lens assemblies also provides threaded or straight barrels for easy mounting and custom packaging apertures are easily accomplished with this lens style.

Image and bar code scanning is an extremely useful and important tool but it’s only as good as the lens doing the scanning. Lens quality and high resolution is the key to being more efficient and Universe Optics has the best image and bar code scanning lenses for the job.

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