As the automated manufacturing environment continues to evolve, the ability to analyze high-speed processes in order to increase quality and efficiency, along with the ability to identify and resolveProduct Line Jam immediate manufacturing line problems is essential. Factory floor personnel are required to accurately and quickly analyze and adjust complex electro-mechanical systems.  Understanding the real time dynamics of fast moving production mechanisms is a frequent challenge for many factory technicians.

Clearly, the ability to analyze and understand the details of these high-speed processes is often impossible with the naked eye. Now, with the aid of a super-slow-motion replay, even the fastest events taking place in thousandths of a second can be visualized.  This will allow the factory personnel to see, analyze and understand the detail of these high-speed processes and events. Being that accuracy and detail are paramount to quality control, a clear, precision designed lens designed by UKA will give you the guarantee of quality in your equipment.

With a clear and dynamic understanding, the factory technician has the assurance to adjust, optimize and improve the production along the high-speed manufacturing line. The words ‘intermittent outage’ when fault finding equals wasted time while waiting for the problem to reoccur. Designing a two system camera, complete with low temperature LED illumination can be left recording until the problem occurs, thereby capturing the costly jam or snag in high-speed detail for review, analyzation and finding a solution.

Application uses include:

  • Production line jam fault finding
  • Conveyor efficiency optimization
  • Sports and biomechanics analysis
  • 3D analysis

Target applications include:

  • Biomechanics
  • Life sciences
  • Digital Image Correlation
  • Defense and aerospace research
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Material science

Creating a camera to function in this capacity should include dynamics such as:

  • A remote camera head to record the processes on the line.
  • An onboard system for data
  • LCD control screen makes recording, playback and analysis intuitive and easy
  • Compact low temperature LED lighting makes it easy to ensure you see and record the specific area of interest.

Universe Kogaku designs and manufactures optical lenses for High Speed Imaging systems, security, high tech and electronic applications. We stock 1000’s of standard lens assemblies and can custom design a solution for scanners, CCTV, CCD/CMOS, medical imaging, surveillance systems, machine vision and night vision system.