Sports fans love their games and spend a lot of time Monday-Morning Quarterbacking, especially when there are controversial calls on the field. A vision system using custom lenses, is schedule to be used at the next Super Bowl which will allow fans to be immersed in a three-dimensional look at game replays during the broadcast. Fans are going to love this technology!3d Sports Replay

This technology, developed by Replay Technologies in California, uses industrial cameras that are mounted around the upper level of the stadium. The camera continually captures on-field action from every angle to provide a full range of views of play. The technology is equipped with an interface that continually feeds the action to monitors. There is also a database created during the image capture that allows for the search and viewing of any scene from any angle on the field which could lead to shorter play stoppage and time-outs to review calls. This will also make the job a bit easier for the officials.

The system, called “Eye Vision 360”, because of its logo and vision capabilities, is credited with breaking the imaginary “goal plane” during Super Bowl 50. Developers knew they needed to design a camera that would work in many different environmental conditions as well as in bright sunlight. Its frame rates and shutter speeds allow for dynamic range image capture.

Because of this new technology, the “job” of the Monday-Morning Quarterback and study game “replays” because of controversial calls may be a thing of the past!

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