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Lens Filters

Lens Filters

When researchers and scientists need to illuminate an item they are viewing through their microscopes, using a tungsten filament lamp (including halogen lamps) can lead to the object being viewed picking up heat markers. This heat transference can change the color temperature of the item being viewed as well as having the potential to change its structure.

Consider that using a low intensity lamp can cause a color shift in the object to red while a high intensity light will change the color to blue; this is relevant when performing visual work and making micrographs. Adding a blue filter to the lamp will absorb the red portions of the color spectrum and allows the item to be viewed in a “cooler” more neutral color.

Using a LED lamp allows researchers the light intensity needed without changing the heat of the object itself and without having to use a blue filter. There are microscopes on the market equipped with lenses that have a moveable blue filter under the condenser making it easy for researchers and scientists to place it or remove it when necessary.

Digital microscope cameras are also equipped with blue lens filters over the sensor which can be move into, or out of, viewing range when capturing images. The reason for this is that digital cameras sensors are sensitive to lights in the red spectrum which causes visual distortion regardless of the heat markers.

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