A company in California has earned FDA clearance to use its Cyclo G6 laser. This laser is designed to treat glaucoma patients and help relieve the symptoms of the eye disease. The laser features the company’s proprietary MicroPulse tissue-sparing technology which utilizes a family of single-use probes.

According to a cataract specialist, the “MicroPulse allows for a clinically effective and repeatable option that can slow the progression of the disease and delay both surgical intervention and ultimate blindness…”



Plans are in place for the laser lens  system to be sold to hospitals and eye treatment clinics with the disposable probes to allow surgeons to treat the glaucoma patient.

What is glaucoma?

This is a disease of the eye that can eventually steal an individuals’ sight, sometimes without warning. It’s estimated that more than half of the individuals with glaucoma have no symptoms and don’t know they have the disease until their vision is impacted.

Glaucoma impacts the optic nerve – the nerve responsible for carrying images from the eye to the brain.

There is currently no cure for glaucoma but medication and surgeries can slow the progression. The treatment for glaucoma depends on its type and other health factors of the patient. Early detection is key in preventing the progression of the disease.

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