When it comes to monitoring large commercial vehicles, like a bus, limousine, or a semi-truck, a commercial vehicle surveillance system allows the driver to keep tabs on even the hardest-to-see areas. Truck camera systems are designed to provide both the driver and vehicle owner a complete view of the large vehicle, inside and out, from a variety of angles. These systems typically come complete with dashboard monitors that allows the driver to keep track of blind spots, as well as remote viewing capabilities which provide continued surveillance options for both the driver and the owner.

Most fleet managers have had a driver get into an accident at some point and dealing with the fallout can be frustrating. It’s often difficult to know exactly what happened, and fleet managers want to trust their driver’s explanation, but that can be difficult to do in light of competing evidence.Commercial Vehicles

A commercial Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR), or black box, engages multi in-vehicle cameras located throughout the heavy-duty commercial vehicle. Video evidence gathered from these multi-camera VEDR’s can be used to provide sequential expert witness of the events or activities without bias or prejudice from the digital onboard system.

Most transportation companies have incorporated two types of in-truck multi-camera devices; the VEDR systems that capture a few seconds of video when an event occurs, as well as the Commercial Video Trip Recorder for a complete, multiple camera, sequential documentation of the entire trip.

There are many different types of commercial vehicle surveillance systems on the market. Here’s four:

  • Forward-facing cameras – Designed to provide evidence of other drivers and can help combat fraud. Some are equipped with night vision, offering peace of mine and clear images of the road ahead.
  • Side-view cameras – They can be combined along with front- and rear-facing cameras. A side view camera offers all-round protection and can help the driver see through otherwise blind spots.
  • In-vehicle monitors – Designed to give the driver an overview of the camera feeds, allowing them to view a scene from any camera, for example, when reversing, or changing lanes.
  • Mobile DVRs – Specifically designed for commercial vehicles, these powerful and rugged, anti-vibration digital video recorders are at the heart of a vehicle’s CCTV system, managing and recording footage from all cameras.

Each one of these systems require accuracy and reliability. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that the precision lenses we stock will deliver the images you require. Should your camera design require a newly crafted lens, our team of engineers, along with our manufacturing facility will ensure it meets the criteria provided by your team of designers.

With the use of a commercial vehicle surveillance system, companies can prevent false insurance claims, deter theft and vandalism.  Fleets can be monitored from anywhere in the world, and capture incidents within seconds for replay.