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Caring For And Cleaning Your Optics


The purchase of optics for your business or laboratory is an investment you will want to care for so that it provides a long life and a return on your investment. Cleaning and proper care will help not only maintain the quality of the optic device and its lenses, but [...]

Caring For And Cleaning Your Optics2020-04-28T17:56:54-04:00

The Benefits Of Hard Coating For Lenses


Traditionally, lenses and optical components were coated in soft coating. This is a process that might become obsolete because of the development of a high performing technique known as hard coating. This coating provides myriad advantages over traditional soft coatings. As background, soft coatings are multiple layer films that are [...]

The Benefits Of Hard Coating For Lenses2020-04-28T17:56:54-04:00

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Bandpass Filter?


UKA Optics, who designs and manufactures optical lenses for industrial, medical, high tech and electronic applications, explains that bandpass filters are “optical filters that allow for the transmission of specific range of wavelengths or band.” This type filter also blocks other wavelengths. There are off the shelf options for organizations [...]

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Bandpass Filter?2020-04-28T17:56:55-04:00

Uses For Optical Filters


An optical filter is used to “attenuate or enhance an image.” An optical filter can also reflect unique wavelengths, split images into two identical images or transmit an image. The importance of choosing the correct optical filter for the job you have at hand is crucial because its application will [...]

Uses For Optical Filters2020-04-28T17:56:55-04:00

Thermal Imaging Moving Into The Personal Use Realm


The use of thermal imaging is not a new technology. It’s used by law enforcement when searching for runaways or others who may be lost. The thermal imaging can show a heat profile and helps the officers locate the individual. Thermal imaging is also used by home inspectors to check [...]

Thermal Imaging Moving Into The Personal Use Realm2020-05-03T11:58:54-04:00

What Is A Fresnel Lens?


Most typically utilized in light-gathering applications, a Fresnel lens is a compact lens originally developed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel for lighthouses. These lenses are lightweight and available in myriad sizes, provide ideal light gathering capabilities and are made of plastic. You most typically find a Fresnel lens in condenser [...]

What Is A Fresnel Lens?2020-04-28T17:57:03-04:00

What Are The Advantages Of Fresnel Lenses?


A Fresnel lens is typically used in “light gathering” applications including condenser systems, light emitter, detector setups, magnifiers and in projection lens or illumination systems. The Fresnel lens is comprises of a “series of concentric grooves etched into plastic.” The lightweight and thin construction of these lenses make them ideal [...]

What Are The Advantages Of Fresnel Lenses?2020-04-28T17:57:03-04:00

Optical Coatings Improve Lens Performance


Precision optical elements, in many segments of today’s optics industry, include adding coatings to the lenses as a way to enhance their transmission or reflection of wavelengths. Anti-reflective (mirror), beam splitter and filter are the most common types of coatings that are applied to lenses for use in different technologies. [...]

Optical Coatings Improve Lens Performance2020-04-28T17:57:04-04:00

Benefits of Meniscus Lenses In Infrared Technologies


A meniscus lens is not a usual off-the-shelf purchase as they have a specialized use in small spot size focusing and collimation. These lenses provide greater performance specifications at a minimal price increase over typical lenses. Specific Lens Benefits Because of the spherical nature of lenses it means [...]

Benefits of Meniscus Lenses In Infrared Technologies2020-05-03T11:58:55-04:00

The Benefits of AR Coating On Lenses


This application of anti-reflection (AR) coatings to lenses can improve the efficiency of the optics through increasing its transmission, enhancing contrast and eliminating any “ghost” images that may appear. The application of an AR coating will make the lens more durable and allow it withstand environmental and physical damage. This [...]

The Benefits of AR Coating On Lenses2020-04-28T17:57:05-04:00
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