The purchase of optics for your business or laboratory is an investment you will want to care for so that it provides a long life and a return on your investment. Cleaning and proper care will help not only maintain the quality of the optic device and its lenses, but it could extend its useable life. Ask your optics provider for the specifics on cleaning the optics in your facility.

Did you know that cleaning your optics improperly can damage the lens surface, any specialized coatings and can degrade its performance? There is no “one size fits all” when it relates to the cleaning of optics because the coatings and the use way the lenses are used could potentially require specialized cleaning methods. Ask us for instructions and advice on how to best clean your lenses.Cleaning Your Optics

What can you clean your lenses and optics with?

Again, each type of lens and the particular use for your optics will be the first factor you need to know before choosing a cleaning product. In most cases you will need to use care and caution to clear any dust off the lens to prevent scratching before you begin cleaning it. Compressed air is ideal for removing dust particles.

Typical cleaning products for optics include: de-ionized water, reagent grade acetone and reagent grade isopropyl alcohol. It’s wise to wear gloves while you’re cleaning the optics to prevent any transfer of oil from your fingers onto the lens.

Note: If the lenses or optics you’re cleaning are made of plastic, you should never use acetone.

Tips for keeping your optics in top condition:

  • Never handle the lens with your fingers because the oil on your hands could damage the optic’s coating. A fingerprint on a lens coating could leave a permanent mark on the lens.
  • Never touch the lens anywhere other than on the edges
  • Metal tools or tweezers should never be used to handle optics
  • When cleaning the lens, place it on a clean, soft, dust-free surface
  • Don’t talk or chew gum or eat when handling optics to avoid contamination from saliva

If you have questions on lens care, ask us for advice to assure you don’t damage them.