Banks understand the need to protect and secure their network of automatic teller machines (ATM) whether on site at the bank or in a freestanding location. The way they do this is through the use of digital video security cameras. There are digital system specially designed to monitor ATM transaction networks.ATM Banking Security

The use of banking monitors, cameras and other security measures reduce the instance of vandalism, theft or fraud by allowing off-site security to monitor and watch for signs of suspicious behavior.

Cameras are on the market that can send alerts as soon as something out of the ordinary occurs; this may mean the bank won’t have to invest in full time, round-the-clock security to monitor the camera system.

What should you look for in a digital camera system to protect your ATM, regardless of its location? Here are a few options:

  1. Look for one that integrates with your existing hardware and software.
  2. Look for a system that is simple to use and provides flexibility to add or remove locations and one that is easy to upgrade or expand if you need enhanced security
  3. If you decide you want features such as facial recognition at a later time, make certain the system you’re investing in can accommodate that.

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