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Universe's CCTV lenses are ideally suited for the Security and Surveillance industry. Whether a precision optical lens is needed for traditional security lens assemblies, like CCTV cameras, or the product design calls for the latest in biometric scanning lenses, Universe has a lens for many security and surveillance applications. Our pinhole lenses are a standard surveillance lens assembly. The following lenses are designed to work well for Security and Surveillance needs, as well as digital photography, barcode scanning, machine vision and video conferencing applications. At the bottom of this page you will find excerpts of Optics News articles related to the Security and Surveillance industry. If you are looking for a specific lens for your security or surveillance optical project, please contact us for personal assistance from a design engineer.

Lenses for the Security and Surveillance Industry


Security and Surveillance Optics News

Patrolling high-crime areas in major cities is costly and dangerous. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the use of unmanned drones can help law enforcement fight crime.  This method is a topic of discussion in law enforcement departments nationwide. Police departments can now deploy drones to improve their ability to enforce the law and […]
Laser Detects Damage To Military Assets
Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have demonstrated for the first time that they can discover cracks in the ship’s structure by detecting acoustic emission from cracks in riveted lap joints. Optical Sciences Division, in collaboration with the laboratory’s Material Science Division, used a distributed feedback fiber laser-acoustic emission sensor which showed that the structural health […]
Autonomous Underwater Munitions and Explosives of Concern Detection System
During this time of vigilance against terrorist activity, in situ detection and testing of seawater for trace levels of explosives is a high priority of the Navy and the DoD, both for protection of U.S. personnel and assets and for environmental monitoring of Navy-patrolled littoral waters. NRL has immersed itself in this project and surfaced […]
Robotic Face Detection
Vision-based face detection and recognition is one of the most rapidly growing research areas in computer vision and robotics and is widely used in several human related applications. However, vision-based face detection and recognition has been shown to be effective only under normal illumination conditions. In developing an algorithm for face detection and recognition, it […]
Mapping the Universe
In the late twentieth century, mankind made quantum leaps in its knowledge of the universe. Progress is underway to map the entire universe—with new insights into the vast unknown. In 1986, a significant leap in the science of astronomy and astrophysics occurred, introducing a new frontier: Positions of galaxy clusters were represented on a computer […]
Lens Allows Researchers To See In The Dark
Most of us haven’t given much thought to whether, or how, fish and other sea creatures see in the depths of dark, murky ocean water. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have thought about that and have combined the features of an African fish and a lobster to create an artificial eye that can see […]