Two decades ago, going through airport security was a simple process. You simply got into “the” line, put your stuff through the x-ray machine, and walked through the metal detector. Today, the process is much more complex, with as many as four different security lines at some airports, various levels of identity verification and screening offered, and a shifting array of rules and guidelines for each.

Security ScanningNow, an expedited security scanning program CLEAR has made its way to more than 24 airports throughout the United States, and it works differently than the other security systems that are in place throughout the states.

Today’s airport security consists of passing through two steps: identity verification and security screening. Travelers who have enrolled in CLEAR have their own separate lane for the first step, where you can utilize biometric authentication (fingerprint or eye scan) at a kiosk rather than wait for a TSA agent to inspect your ID and scribble something on your boarding pass. And with CLEAR, no one will bark at you for “approaching the podium” before they’re ready for you.

Alclear, LLC is a technology company that owns and operates CLEAR, a biometric secure identity platform that stores individuals’ personal information and links it to biometric data, allowing them to bypass the travel document checker at security checkpoints by using fingerprint and/or iris identification. The technology has been certified as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology from the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate.

The CLEAR system is also being used at Major League Baseball stadiums. At thirteen stadiums across the country, it is being used as a security measure. In Seattle, it is also being used to identify an individual’s identity for alcohol purchases, thereby eliminating the need to check identification for verification that the purchaser is over the age of twenty-one.

In 2015, CLEAR collaborated with Alaska Airlines to launch a biometric boarding pass program.

How it works:
Biometrics are used as identifiers – either fingerprints or irises. These distinct characteristics are the most accurate forms of identification. CLEAR transforms the biometrics into an encrypted code, that is unique to every human being. Therefore, every time a subscriber uses a CLEAR system, their fingerprints and/or irises are immediately identified.

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