Universe Kogaku America now offers a series of wide angle and ultra-wide angle lens assemblies.

We have designed and manufactured these Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle series lenses for compatibility with large sensors of 1/2″ or larger. The nine new lenses offer a larger sensor size than many of the Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle lenses currently on the market.

Most of the new lenses are available in M12 mount, also known as S-mount. A C-mount adapter is also available. Two are available in C-Mount. These Wide Angle lenses range in focal length from 2.5mm to 6.2mm with a F/2.0 aperture.

Available from stock, in the U.S., these lenses are well suited for use in drones, machine vision, factory automation, agriculture, robotics, 3D scanners and security cameras, as well as other applications.

Click below to view PDF files of the outline drawings for the Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle series lenses.

P/NO.Focal LengthF/No.IR Cut FilterMax Sensor SizeMount type
YS0252.5mmF/2.0NO1/2”M12 S-Mount
YS025F2.5mmF/2.0YES1/2“M12 S-Mount
LA2902.95mmF/2.0NO1/2“M12 S-Mount
LA290F2.95mmF/2.0YES1/2“M12 S-Mount
VH030D3.31mmF/2.0NO1/2“M12 S-Mount
YS0404.0mmF/2.0NO1/1.8”M12 S-Mount
VX0555.5mmF/2.0NO2/3”M12 S-Mount

To determine the specific lens for your project, or if you have any questions about our products please contact our Applications Department at 1-516-624-2444 (in USA) or e-mail info@universeoptics.com.