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Video Conferencing in the Corporate World

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.



By now I’m sure you’ve hear about video conferencing. In fact I’m willing to make a bet that most of you have experienced video conferencing through services such as Skype. I really love this technology because it allows us to communicate through more than just one channel in different locations. With today’s video conferencing technologies we are able to go over a business plan with a corporate board in Japan and are able to hear, talk and also see their faces allowing for a much stronger interpersonal communication. This is made capable because of the advances in CCD lens assemblies.

In the business world developing relationships with partners is vital to your success. Sometimes these partners can be thousands of miles away so it can be difficult to really connect with them in a strong way on a regular basis. Video conferencing has changed all that with a way to connect with people all over the world and not just hear their voice but actually see their faces and see their emotions. This makes a world of difference when you are trying to develop a strong relationship with someone.

Video conferencing has come a long way. Today we are able to stream video conferencing so quickly without any lag that it appears the person you are talking to is actually in the room. The video and voice quality is leaps and bounds better today than we’ve ever seen before. It has become a communication medium of choice for numerous corporations and is spreading like wildfire to many homes across the United States.

CCD lens assemblies are the driving force that gives us this amazing quality of video in video conferencing that sometimes makes us want to just reach out and touch the person we’re talking to. Universe Optics out of Oyster Bay New York is a large supplier of some of the very best CCD lens assemblies you can buy. With a vast variety of sizes and focal lengths to choose from you are sure to find the right lens that suites your needs.