New line of Ultra Violet Quartz Lenses for imaging in the deep UV spectrum

Available from stock in 25, 50, 78, and 105mm focal lengths, these lenses are well suited to forensic investigation and other UV and Infra-red imaging applications.

We have designed and manufactured these lenses as a reasonably priced solution to the growing need for imaging in the other than visible spectrum. Owing to the broad transmission range of the quartz elements this family of lenses can transmit well into the Infra-red spectrum as well.


uv filters

The image at right was taken with a Fuji Finepix S3 Pro UV/IR camera and our 50 mm quartz lens, T-NI Nikon mount adapter, the IR 76 pass filter in sunlight.




This image is of the same object. The 50mm quartz lens was uv filtersused again, this time with our U330 UV pass filter in sunlight. Refocus was required as the lens is not corrected over this spectrum.





This is the same object shot with the UV1054B lens anduv filtersUV330 filter in sunlight. This is an exceptional lens as can be seen. Please call 516-624-2444 to learn more about this useful offering of lenses.