The investment in a microscope for a business or research facility is more involved than one might think. Researchers, businesses and manufacturers need to understand the outcomes they are seeking when purchasing a microscope.

At its core a microscope is an optical device that you can use to project or view an image that the human eye can see through the lens or that is projected to a computer or other inspection device. Today’s microscopes incorporate multiple filters, lenses, types of illumination, sensors, polarizers and beam splitters. The types of components installed into each device will depend on the outcomes you’re seeking from the process.


The components of a microscope include:

  • Multiple lens elements to magnify small objects to that the human eye can discern the details
  • Eyepieces through which the specimen is viewed or inspected
  • The illumination component of the microscope. The type of illumination chosen is critical to obtaining the best results and outcomes

What are some of the objectives that a microscope can help you attain? Here are a few:

  • Magnification of real time images. Magnification systems and objectives can be met through eyepieces and lenses.
  • Refractive design lighting to allow light to pass through the specimen
  • Reflective light designs operate on a mirror-based set up. Reflective lenses may allow the researcher to look even more deeply into infrared or ultra violet spectrums

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