What factors will help bring your images to life? The camera? The lens? Both? In fact, there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration to make certain the camera and lens are working together for the application you want and the image you need to capture.

Here are some of the items to consider when looking to capture the perfect image:Camera & Lens

  1. The mounting on the camera. You can choose a mount in a standard size or ones that may require larger mounts, like the F mount, to make the sensor operational. Make certain you purchase a mount that has the same screw-threads as the camera body.
  2. Camera sensors. The size of the camera sensor is one of the deciding factors in choosing the correct lens. Technology advances have led to sensors being much smaller than in the past; you will need to choose a sensor that will capture the resolution and pixels you’re seeking for the task.
  3. To capture high quality images you will want to look for a high-resolution lens. Remember, it’s not only the megapixels that matter. The lens you choose must be able to resolve the pixel size. When seeking a lens look for its resolution which is given in line pairs per millimeter.
  4. Focal length and aperture factors. The focal length of the lens is the “distance between the optical center of the lens and the focal point.” The focal length is dependent on the “refractive power” of the lens. The larger the focal length (expressed in millimeters) the larger the telephoto capabilities of the lens. The camera lens aperture impacts the image quality and its brightness. On an SLR camera, the F-stop number is the “ratio of focal length over diameter of aperture.” The higher the F number, the smaller the aperture and this means that less light will filter into the sensor. In poor lighting conditions, using a wide open aperture will help capture the best image.

When making a decision on the lens, mounts, sensors, etc. – it’s best to understand how the camera will be used most frequently. Invest in the highest quality possible and add onto your camera and its accessories when necessary to capture differing images in wider arrays of lighting and settings.

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