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The Need For UV Filters

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UV Lens Group

UV Lens Group

Prior to the introduction of digital cameras to the marketplace, photographers used film to capture images. Film was never as stable as digital has proved to be and brought with it its own set of issues. One of the issues with film was the fogging or hazing, caused by ultra violet rays, which appeared on the developed images. The fogging could be minimized through the use of filters that would block the UV rays and prevent the hazing.

Photographers that shot in high altitudes would find their photographs were more prone to the image having a blue haze. A telephoto lens would increase the likelihood that hazing or fogging would occur.

As a way to counteract the distortion in the images, photographers would fit the camera with a UV blocking lens. Prior to the introduction of these lenses, the photographer would hold a filter in front of the lens to block the UV rays, this was a cumbersome task for many. Digital camera manufacturers have equipped their cameras with internal UV ray filters. These filters negate the need to add a UV blocking filter to the camera and in many cases the digital cameras automatically adjust to the ambient light. The built in filters will either block the majority of the UV light or will make electronic allowances for the light through the cameras built in sensor.

Ultra violet camera filters are a must-have for the professional photographer and are relatively inexpensive. Universe now offers a new line of Ultra Violet Quartz Lenses for imaging in the deep UV spectrum.