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The Basics Of Lens Mounts

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Lens Mounts

Lens Mounts

The type of lens mount you use on your camera varies by the age, style and type of camera that you own. The purpose of a lens mount is to allow the photographer the ability to switch between various types of lenses to accommodate the scenery being shot, the lighting and myriad other considerations that go into taking photos.

The three types of lens mounts are:

  • Bayonet
  • Friction
  • Screw threaded

With a bayonet mount, the mechanical and electrical components of the camera are aligned. The alignment is performed through the use of three separate, variable sized tabs. Once the lens is inserted it is gently twisted and the lens is locked into place.

Friction lock lens mounts are the most popular on movie cameras. The locks hold the lens in place using friction-locking rings to hold the lens in place. Older cameras use screw-thread lens mounts to align the lens and the camera components. These type of mounts aren’t as prevalent in cameras today but are used in video cameras and optical instruments.

The style of lens mounts seen on cameras is typically dependent on the camera’s use. Still cameras, industrial type cameras and stills use varying lens mounts; still cameras usually utilize either bayonet or screw-threaded mounts while cameras used in cinematography use all three types of mounts.

Universe Optics provides a series of lens mounting accessories as a convenient way for camera users to mount high-resolution lenses on a C-mount or S-mount photographic device. Prototyping mounts are also available that are compatible with many popular lens mount styles.