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Reasons To Use A C-Mount Camera

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C-Mount Camera

C-Mount Camera

C-mount cameras have long been used in many industries with security camera technology. These cameras and the C-mount styles are usually seen in banks and became popular in the 1970s. These cameras were large and obtrusive, mainly because a large camera lens was needed to capture high resolution images; bullet or dome cameras simply didn’t fill the bill in these instances.

Owners of facilities that used C-mount cameras found that the large size and obviousness of the camera deterred crime because would-be criminals couldn’t help but notice the cameras following them throughout the facility.

Technology has allowed for security cameras to be manufactured both smaller and more powerful which makes them not only less intrusive, but able to be mounted in areas in which they may not have been able to have been used previously. No longer do security professionals have to rely on the large C-mount models to capture high resolution images because camera technology has improved to a point where high res images can be captured and transmitted with smaller camera models.

C-mount cameras are typically “asked” to operate in weather conditions that are at extreme ends of the spectrum, extreme heat or extreme cold. If this is the case with your security camera set up, you can purchase a housing unit for the camera that can not only insulate it from the extremes, but can also make it more weatherproof. Using a camera housing unit with a blower housed in it can help maintain the camera’s operational functions and allow it to operate at peak efficiency.

C-mount camera technology remains useful in myriad settings. Universe Optics manufacturers lens and technologies for C-mount camera units.