Video Conferencing has become increasingly popular in the workplace these days, but sometimes conferencing space is limited. Squeezing multiple people into small huddle rooms and trying to get everyone to look good on camera can be a challenge.

The typical video-conferencing camera requires precision lenses that offer high image quality with a large field of view (45° to 70°) with very low distortion.  For high frame rates in low light situation, a lens with low f-stop is required.Video Conferencing

We have a great amount of experience in developing and providing precision for video conferencing equipment.  From high end telepresence to high volume video phone, we offer lenses with advanced optical technology incorporating high-index materials and aspherical elements in various imager sizes.

With the different styles and choices of video conferencing available, you want to ensure you have the correct lens. Some styles include:

  • All in one conferencing cameras
  • Wide-Angle video conference systems
  • Wide-Angle wall mounted systems
  • Live streaming broadcast systems

Our standard and custom CCD/CMOS lens assemblies are an outstanding choice for video conferencing equipment. The Standard lens assemblies are available in 2/3″-1/4″ formats and a wide range of focal lengths. We also have pinhole CCD lenses for wide angle viewing. Our C-mount adapters and other accessories, including mounts, are also in stock to help you integrate our lenses with your system. Other value-added services include special coatings, custom apertures, custom packaging, and anti-vibration assembly techniques.