Image Lens Format Size

The image lens format size guide is presented to provide basic help to the end user. Please contact Universe to speak with an applications expert to discuss your project and to obtain detailed dimensions and performance data. Some common format sizes we feature are listed below:

FormatDiagonal (in mm)Horizontal (in mm)Vertical (in mm)

Common Imager Sizes


The most common imager sizes are listed at left.

For linear arrays use horizontal dimension of imager and object for magnification calculation.

Lens Mount Information

C-mount Thread: 1″ – 32
CCD Lens Mount: M12 P=.5
Leica Screw Mount Thread: M39 P=1.0
Pentax Screw Mount Thread: M42 P=1.0
RMS Microscope Thread: 800-36 AMO
T-mount: M42 P=0.75

F/No. Lens Information

F/no. = 1/2na
F/no. Focal length/Entrance Pupil dia.

Flangeback Distances

C-mount Flangeback: 17.526 mm
CS-mount Flangeback: 12.526 mm
Canon FD Flangeback: 42.0mm
Konica Flangeback: 40.5mm
Nikon F Flangeback: 46.5mm
Olympus Flangeback: 46.0mm
Pentax “K” Flangeback: 45.5mm
Pentax Screw Flangeback: 45.5mm
Ricoh Flangeback: 45.5mm
Sigma Flangeback: 44.0mm

Focal Length Estimator

To use this interactive lens focal length estimator, enter your dimensions below, and click “Estimate” to view your approximate required focal length. This focal length estimator is presented to help the user determine the basic parameters of his optical system, and to estimate required focal length. These are not final dimensions but they do provide a good idea of the layout. Please contact Universe to obtain detailed dimensions and performance data, and to determine the precise optimal focal length and specifications for your project. Please call 516-624-2444 to talk to one of our applications engineers.

Magnification = Imager Size / Object Size

A Dimension = Object to Image Distance / Magnification + 1

B Dimension = A Dimension x Magnification

Focal Length = A Dimension x B Dimension / Object to Image Distance

Image Size
Object Size
Object to Image Distance
Approximate Focal Length