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Microscope Technique Offers Cell Nucleus Views

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Microscope LensesTwo proteins working in harmony inside a living cell as a way to communicate between the cell’s nucleus and its exterior compartment (the cytoplasm) has been discovered by researchers at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. The discovery offers researchers new insight into the way a “crucial protein that is found in organisms from yeast to humans does its work.”

Researchers in the study at Stowers focused on a particular protein that controls when and where a cell will “insert a hole into a double walled membrane that surrounds its nucleus.” Yeast was the subject of the investigation because of its nuclear pore complexity and its spindle pole body. Each time a cell divides; it is a complex process to ensure that “genetic material can be properly distributed and that daughter cells are equipped for gene activation and protein production,” the researchers wrote in their study, which was reported in the Journal of Cell Biology.

Through the use of a sophisticated imaging technology called fluorescence cross-correlation microscopy, researchers were able to view the living cells and watch their interaction with other cells that had been introduced. Prior to utilizing this microscopy technique researchers were limited in their ability to view the creation of a gene mutation and in studying its reactions in the cell nucleus.

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