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Microscope Objectives and Eyepieces

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Microscope Objectives and Eyepieces

MO-0004 Microscope Objectives and Eyepieces

The microscope objective is the optical element that gathers light from the object being observed and focuses the light rays to produce a real image. Objectives can consist of single lenses or compound lenses. Objectives are also called object lenses, object glasses, or objective glasses.

Microscope eyepieces or ocular lenses are the lenses that are closest to the eye when someone looks through the device. An eyepiece consists of several “lens elements” in housing, with a “barrel” on one end. The barrel is shaped to fit in a special opening of the instrument to which it is attached. The image can be focused by moving the eyepiece nearer and further from the objective. Most instruments have a focusing mechanism to allow movement of the shaft in which the eyepiece is mounted, without needing to manipulate the eyepiece directly.Universe manufactures a full line of objectives and eyepieces for microscopy and other applications. 4x through 100x are in stock, as well as 60x long-working-distance objectives. They are all glass achromatic designs and can be used as fiber couplers, spatial filters, and other relay applications.

We also stock 10, 15 and 20x wide field eyepieces to fit the standard 23mm tube diameter. Some options include diopter adjustment and indicating needles. RMS thread to C-mount rings are also available for added versatility.

Please contact Universe Kogaku for any special eyepiece requirements you may have. We make many specialty eyepieces for virtual reality and simulator applications. Please call Universe Optics for additional information including drawings and pricing.