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Lasers Help Guide New Travel Pods in UK

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Laser Diode

Laser Diode

London’s Heathrow Airport recently unveiled a new innovation in moving travelers throughout their airport. New laser guided travel pods are now being used at the airport to move travelers from terminals to parking garages at up to 25MPH. These futuristic looking pods are guided by laser diode lenses to ensure they stay the course and delivers passengers both safely and quickly throughout the airport.

These laser diode guided pods are a huge step forward in simplifying travel throughout the airport resulting in less congestion and allowing travelers to reduce the time it takes to get from terminal to the parking lots by 60 percent. After an average wait of just 34 seconds from the terminal travelers will travel at speeds up to 25MPH with their luggage to the parking garage and will be on their way. This technology looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie and looks like to great way to move people much more efficiently.

Passengers are able to select their destination after boarding the pods and the diode laser guided pod will send them though a direct route to the parking garage. The new self driving pod technology could transport 500,000 people per year and replace 50,000 shuttle bus journeys. The idea was dreamed up in the 1950’s and is only just now becoming a reality in the London airport. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this trend make its way to airports all over the world. This incredibly sufficient and intelligent laser guided system could make air travel much easier and dramatically cut down on time we spend in the airport.