High performance vehicles typically bring with them high performance technologies such as back up cameras, lane drift sensors and other in-car products to make driving safer. Optical technologies such as ghosting lenses that are suitable for CMOS imagers and miniature fisheye lenses that offer a field of view of up to 200 degrees can help reduce optical distortion in the mirrors for the driver.Automotive Camera Technology

The design and manufacture of lenses for automotive vision technology applications represents a significant challenge from the concept to the design and the installation. The main reason is because of the differences in vehicle designs and the need to assure that the technology can perform in a wide range of environmental conditions.

One of the most mature technologies that is prevalent in new vehicles today is the rear view camera. The challenge presented with rear view camera technology is the end user requirements for resolution, color fidelity and ability to work in a wide angle field of view and low light environments. The camera must also have electronic distortion correction lenses.

Auto manufacturers seeking camera technology in their vehicles need to understand what they’re seeking for the end user experience and design the camera to meet those specifications.

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