Dairy processing and distribution involves strict requirements and extreme attention to quality assurance based on conditions set forth by regulatory parties. Because of these requirements and the concern of contaminants and bacteria which could cause health risks, the purpose is to ensure that dairy products are safe for consumption. There are also weight specifications that must be maintained in addition the vast array of packaging materials that are used which creates additional complexities in keeping dairy products safe for use. Luckily, product inspection technology using custom lenses has advanced to the point that quality assurance is less risky.

Quality and safety is ensured by using inspection equipment which can monitor the products throughout varies stages of the process. Each machine uses customized lenses and sensors which can monitor temperature, weight and other factors throughout the packaging and sanitation assembly line. Although there are a wide range of dairy products including, milk, cheese, yogurts and ice cream, they all present similar challenges when detecting foreign objects. Specifically, metal detected in dairy products has been an issue in the past due to detectors often being fooled by high moisture and high salt content of these products, especially cheese. Fortunately, x-ray inspection has become a better option for finding foreign materials by using custom lenses which are now easier to use and more affordable to purchase and maintain.Dairy Processing

As with most inspection technology and equipment, dairy plants require vigorous testing and functionality in order to keep quality assurance requirements at an acceptable level. The ability to clean these machines is also important to minimize potential bacteria growth lengthen the usage of the machinery. X-ray inspection lenses are typically placed at crucial points throughout the process, typically after and before filling and sealing operations.

Ultimately, selecting the right inspection technology including the types of lenses and sensors that are used to protect consumers from harmful contaminants is a crucial part in keeping our dairy products safe for consumptions. Universe Optics offers a wide array of inspection lenses to suit a wide variety of uses and needs. For more information or for a free custom quote contact UKA at info@universeoptics.com  or call 516.624.2444.