Researchers have developed a lens that simulates the human eye and is better able to align a theodolite system. A theodolite system is a “an instrument used in the testing, alignment, and building of various systems ranging from a single optical component to an entire instrument.” This device offers a precise way to measure both vertical and horizontal angles and can be utilized to align multiple objects at specific angles.Simulated Eye

Although some systems have a built in margin for error in the components’ positions, the theodolite can make the measurements more accurate and minimize the margin of error. In the past, using a system with a theodolite required the use of an unaided human eye. When viewing the alignment, the user could unintentionally introduce errors simply by the way in which they viewed the alignment indicators.

Attempts have been made in the past to use bare CCDs (charge coupled device) affixed to the theodolite. This method was met with limited success because it was still unable to achieve the proper focus because the device didn’t properly simulate the human eye and because of that it introduced an additional error into the equation.

The new technology is able to cut down on the time necessary to align the system. Another bit of the technology aimed to allow a single individual to align a single “coupled system to multiple theodolites, simultaneously, in real time.” The way it works is that a CCD camera with a lens is mounted onto the theodolite eyepiece. The new technology is able to simulates the human eye and create a method for aligning the system to increase accuracy.

Currently, the technology is utilized through an adapter for a CCD camera. The lens attaches to the theodolite eyepiece and allows for viewing of the image on a computer screen. The benefit of this technology is that it takes the possibility for human error out of the equation.  Another advantage is that the user will no longer have to look through the theodolite eyepiece and this helps eliminate the chance of eye injury if high intensity light sources are being used.

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