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CCD Camera Installation Tips

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CCD Camera

CCD Camera

If you have decided that you need a CCD (charge coupled device) camera for security reasons either for your home or your business, you understand that CCD cameras allow you to monitor a particular location from a separate, remote site. CCD cameras are used by individuals that want to maintain a high level of safety at their homes. They are also used by business owners to either monitor the actions of employees or the actions of customers; they are also used to provide security to darkened areas of a building or even to monitor activity in a parking lot or parking garage.

CCD cameras can be installed by a any person or by an experienced security professional. Most of the cameras on the market come with built-in mounts which are then attached to a wall mount in the location you want to monitor or provide heightened security to.

Universe Optics a manufacturer of standard and custom CCD/CMOS lens assembles that are used in miniature camera applications that include digital photography, surveillance, machine vision and medical systems explain the steps in mounting a CCD camera:

  • Remove the screws from the CCD camera and place the camera onto the mount. The mount board will be placed over the camera mount and that is what will hold the CCD camera in place. Replace the screws.
  • Point the lens of the camera in the direction in which you feel it will be most useful to capture the images or monitor the security in the area in which it will be utilized
  • Plug the camera into a power outlet.
  • Plug the video output cord into the CCD camera and then plug the other end of the cord into a sequential switcher and then plug that into a computer monitor.
  • Turn the camera on. Adjust its brightness and adjust it to the view you’re looking to capture
  • Make certain the lens of the CCD camera is opened as wide as possible
  • Adjust its focus with the focus screw on the CCD camera

Once the camera has been mounted and the focus set you will want to check the computer monitor from your remote location to make certain the camera is monitoring the sections you’d intended when you installed it. When you’re shopping for your CCD cameras you will uncover that there are myriad options including motion activated models, infrared cameras that can operate in low-light, no-light situations and may others. Understanding your reasons for the installation of a CCD camera system will help you narrow down which option will best suit your security needs.