Wide Angle Fisheye Lenses


Wide Angle and Fisheye Lenses Our Wide Angle Fisheye lenses are available with M9 and M12 Mounts. Available from stock, in the US, in a wide range of focal lengths with custom apertures sizes readily available.   For pricing or other information, please call 516-624-2444 (in USA) or email [...]

Wide Angle Fisheye Lenses2023-02-14T14:20:31-05:00

BL Series Lenses


Megapixel High Resolution BL Series Lenses Our BL Series High Resolution CCD lenses are available in focal lengths from 6 mm to 25 mm. These lenses feature: 5 megapixel resolution Machine Vision Uses Focal lengths from 6 to 25mm Adjustable Aperature C- and NF-J Mounts are Available These BL [...]

BL Series Lenses2023-02-14T14:18:41-05:00

Gravitational Waves


The National Science Foundation’s LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) and the European-based VIRGO gravitational-wave detector have published new results from the first two observing runs. Four new black hole mergers have been announced. The LIGO and Virgo collaborations have now confidently detected gravitational waves from a total of 10 stellar-mass [...]

Gravitational Waves2020-04-28T18:12:35-04:00

Railway Imaging Systems


Rail inspection is the practice of examining rail tracks for flaws that could lead to catastrophic failures. According to the United States Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, track defects are the second leading cause of accidents on railways in the United States. […]

Railway Imaging Systems2020-04-28T18:12:35-04:00

3D print technology in the medical field


With each new year, 3D print technology in the medical field offers greater promise across a wide range of disciplines. While the ultimate goal of printing whole, complex organs for transplants may still be decades away, 3D printing is helping to save and improve lives in ways and places never [...]

3D print technology in the medical field2020-04-28T18:12:40-04:00

Lasers Predict Water Flow In Soil


Lasers are a part of the technology that is used to study the movement of water through soil; a technique called soil hydrology. Through this study, soil scientists can more accurately predict water flow. Recently, researchers at the University of Kansas used a multi-stripe laser triangulation (MLT) scanner to help [...]

Lasers Predict Water Flow In Soil2020-04-28T17:56:20-04:00

New 3D Replay Capabilities For Sporting Events


Sports fans love their games and spend a lot of time Monday-Morning Quarterbacking, especially when there are controversial calls on the field. A vision system using custom lenses, is schedule to be used at the next Super Bowl which will allow fans to be immersed in a three-dimensional look at [...]

New 3D Replay Capabilities For Sporting Events2020-04-28T17:56:20-04:00

VX Series High Resolution CCTV Lenses with Focus Lock


  Machine Vision Lenses with Focus Lock Our VX Series High Resolution CCTV lenses with locking focus, are available in focal lengths from 8mm to 75 mm. These machine vision lenses are designed and built for rugged conditions, with beneficial features to help maintain vision system calibration, including a locking focus to [...]

VX Series High Resolution CCTV Lenses with Focus Lock2020-04-28T17:56:20-04:00

New Imaging Technologies Rival The Human Eye


Technologies continue to improve and are at the point today where a new imaging lens system has been developed that can “gather significantly more color information than the human eye and conventional cameras.” The benefit of this technology is that this could have the potential to enable assisted vehicle driving [...]

New Imaging Technologies Rival The Human Eye2020-05-03T11:58:54-04:00
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