Wide Angle and Fisheye Lenses

Our Wide Angle Fisheye lenses are available with M9 and M12 Mounts.

Available from stock, in the US, in a wide range of focal lengths with custom apertures sizes readily available.


Part NumberFocal LengthF/No.Format SizeMount
VP1201.25mm2.83.64mmM12 P=0.5
VG960D1.27mm2.84.6mmM12 P=0.5
VP1331.34mm31/4"M9 P=0.5
VP162B1.43mm31/3.6"M9 P=0.5
VP6111.5mm2.71/4"M12 P=0.5
VL-1824KW1.78mm2.41/4"M12 P=0.5
VF1801.8mm21/3"M12 P=0.5
VP6011.84mm2.61/4"M12 P=0.5
For pricing or other information, please call 516-624-2444 (in USA) or email info@universeoptics.com.

To determine the specific lens for your project, or if you have any questions about our products please contact our Applications Department at info@universeoptics.com or phone 1-516-624-2444 (in USA).

Universe offers custom design capabilities from concept to prototype to production, including design specs, budget, and timetables. We have an extensive selection of standard lens assemblies for fast delivery, and our facility contains the best in lens manufacturing and inspection equipment. Whether you need 10 lenses or a million lenses, call Universe Kogaku first.