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Uses For C-Mount Camera Assemblies

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.

C-Mount Camera Assemblies

C-Mount Camera Assemblies

Many camera bodies are capable of using different lenses and photographers rely on that option to capture the sharpest image possible. The way a lens affixes to a camera is through its C-mount. A C-mount allows the photographer to quickly and easily switch out lenses, which fit onto the camera body with filter thread mountings or an adapter.

The C-mount adapter is the lens mount most typically found on closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), machine vision cameras and microscopes. A C-mount lens offers a “male thread” which fits into the “female thread” on the camera body.

C-mount assemblies provide a high level of functionality for the devices on which it is used. When compared to other lens mounts, most of which are capable of being used in a single format, a C-mount lens is adaptable to differing formats ranging from four times as large as the smallest camera to which it will affix. When shopping for a C-mount lens you will find they are usually built to couple with 8 and 16-mm film styles as well as the one-third to one-inch video camera format.

Some C-mount lenses may have a back focal distance that is too short to be used with a 35 mm SLR it can be adapted and used with an interchangeable mirror less lens in a digital camera. Many C-mount lenses “produce an image circle too small to effectively cover the entire sensor” which leads to a less than ideal image being captured.

What does the “C” in C-mount mean? It is named from its original application in movie cameras and stands for “cine.”

Universe Optics manufactures standard and custom-designed plastic lens mounts and accessories, step rings, filters, and components. It also has developed a focusing C-Mount adapter that is a convenient way to mount its Hi-RES lens onto a C-mount camera. The new SC-CM19 holder will clamp snugly on the 19mm straight barrel and allow secure mounting with easy focus adjustment. With over fourteen individual focal lengths and assorted F/numbers in the Hi-RES lens family you are sure to find a combination for your application.