Automobile technology is always evolving and safety technologies are along for the ride! Lane departure warning systems are a new technology that is designed to prevent high-speed accidents.Lane Departure Warning Systems

The way the lane departure system (LDW) technology works is by monitoring the lane markings on the highways and sounds an alarm when the vehicle begins to deviate or swerve from its lane. The driver has the option of taking control and making a corrective action to prevent a run-off road accident or a collision with an oncoming vehicle.

The other technology, lane keeping system or lane keeping assist warning (LKS), monitors the highway markings and sounds an alarm when the vehicle moves toward them. It is a more proactive system than LDW technology.

The system monitors the lane markings and can also take corrective action on the driver’s behalf in case the driver doesn’t react to the initial warning.

Cameras mounted on the vehicle use visual information to track the highway markings. There are other systems available that utilize either radar sensors or lasers to provide the same type of safety warnings.

What are the benefits of lane departure warning systems?

The National Highway Transportation Administration found that close to 70 percent of all single vehicle highway fatalities occur because of run-off-the-road accidents. Because these accidents occur when the driver drifts out of his lane, this technology may lessen the fatality rates.

If you have a vehicle that is equipped with this technology you need to know what kind it is – whether you need to take proactive measures to prevent an accident or whether the system takes control of it on your behalf. You will also want to test it so you’re aware of when the system takes over and the alarms sound. You don’t want to be unaware when the device triggers because you’ve drifted out of your lane.

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