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How Do Image Sensors And Camera Lenses Relate?

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Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses

The size of the sensor integrated into a camera is what ultimately determines the amount of light the camera can capture to create its image. Sensors are comprised of millions of light-sensitive spots that are used to capture and record the information the lens captures. The larger the sensor the more information it can capture and consequently the better the image produced.

Compact cameras house small image sensors so the photosites are not able to capture as much light, or megapixels, as a larger camera with a larger sensor can. The quality of the image is compromised because of the lower light originally captured.

Larger sensors equate to larger megapixels, however some individuals feel that megapixels are not as important as they were once purported to be. The balancing act between efficient sensor technology, lens sensor size and lens quality all work together to produce an image.

A larger sensor will help you capture higher quality images, but it also means you will need a larger physically-sized camera to house a larger sensor. Additionally this will mean you have a larger lens on the camera. If size and portability matter to you, you will likely need to look at the portability of the camera you’re purchasing.

Camera manufacturers have listened to the photo-taking public and have begun researching ways to make smaller image sensors be powerful enough to be accepted by photographers. Also, when you consider the powerful nature of cameras on smartphones, it’s been shown that a smaller lens can take high resolution photos and use a small sensor; this means that some manufacturers have found a way to let consumers “have it all.”

Smart phone and everyday camera purchasers (as opposed to professional photographers) are beginning to understand that a better image sensor may be as important to a high quality image as is a megapixel ranking.

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