Laser-Based Defense Technology


NATO, Russia, and China have been engaged in a new arms race for quite a while. The top prizes now include hypersonics, railguns, and lasers. After years of study and development, not to mention billions of dollars spent, the three technologies are now finally starting [...]

Laser-Based Defense Technology2021-08-23T16:03:55-04:00

Air Quality Monitoring Systems


Poor air quality is a tell-tale sign of the widespread air pollution that has blanketed our country for several years. With rising concerns about air pollution, federal authorities are now turning to science and technology to develop advanced air quality monitoring systems. […]

Air Quality Monitoring Systems2021-06-21T13:36:37-04:00

Explosives Detection


Rapid explosive detection is vital to protecting lives as well as significant damage to the property. In the past, there have been a number of methods to identify explosives and prohibit them from being transported across the U.S. borders; for example, imaging and chemical identification. [...]

Explosives Detection2021-02-11T11:39:42-05:00

Leveraging Satellites To Track Climate Change


Governments all over the world are joining forces to address the issue of climate change. With the increase in global warming driven by human greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting large-scale shifts in weather patterns, space agencies have also entered the fight to heal the Earth’s climate. […]

Leveraging Satellites To Track Climate Change2021-01-22T12:47:49-05:00

Tracking Counterfeit Currency With The Help Of Bill Counters


It is not every day that businesses deal with the problem of receiving counterfeit currency. Be that as it may, this act of forgery — despite its infrequency — cannot be overlooked. It goes without saying that this deliberate attempt to defraud the receiver is fraudulent, and that makes it [...]

Tracking Counterfeit Currency With The Help Of Bill Counters2021-01-22T12:30:30-05:00

Cámaras de tiempo de vuelo


Las ideas nuevas y en expansión de cómo miramos las cosas están creciendo casi a un ritmo exponencial. Ingenieros, científicos y diseñadores siempre están buscando maneras de ver cosas que nunca habíamos visto antes. Una pieza de esta tecnología emergente es lo que se conoce como cámaras de tiempo de [...]

Cámaras de tiempo de vuelo2020-04-28T18:18:05-04:00

Irradiación ultravioleta


Estudios recientes han demostrado que existe una amplia variedad de estos contaminantes a concentraciones traza en todos los suministros de agua y en el aire. La irradiación germicida ultravioleta (UVGI) es un método de desinfección que utiliza luz ultravioleta de longitud de onda corta (UV-C) [...]

Irradiación ultravioleta2021-02-22T15:31:30-05:00
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