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What is Time of Flight (ToF)?


An exceptional product or service requires an exceptional engineering solution. High-quality image lenses are used to serve a multitude of fields and industries. Lenses are necessary for optimal functioning in all industries, from security and surveillance, to the medical industry, and even agriculture. Engineers require [...]

What is Time of Flight (ToF)?2022-11-29T11:27:51-05:00

Imaging Lenses For The Postal Services Industry


The United States Postal Service (USPS) ships over 160 billion packages and letters every year. These whopping numbers reflect that a more significant percentage of the U.S. population is [surprisingly] still using postal services, indicating that manual labor is insufficient to handle the postal processes [...]

Imaging Lenses For The Postal Services Industry2021-11-15T10:55:17-05:00

Video Sewer Line Inspection


No industry is immune to technological advances in the 21st century. Every day, it seems that new and improved products are launched to reduce (or eliminate) the possibility of human errors and make the processes within the industry more efficient and reliable. The drain-cleaning industry [...]

Video Sewer Line Inspection2021-06-21T13:43:44-04:00

How Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture


Drones have always been linked to photography and are widely recognized to be indispensable photography tools. That being said, these unmanned, autonomous flying machines are now being used to reform the agricultural industry. […]

How Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture2021-01-22T12:37:27-05:00

Inspection Systems


From production to marketing, no industry is untouched by technology. Every industry, even the most niche ones, is reimagining its operations and creating exciting new opportunities with new iterations and innovations in technology. The manufacturing industry is no exception. Technology seems to have [finally] landed [...]

Inspection Systems2021-01-08T09:45:31-05:00

Sistemas de visión robótica en el espacio comercial


Recientemente se anunció una asociación entre Walmart y Bossa Nova Robotics para llevar sistemas de visión robótica de inventario de escaneo de estanterías a cerca de 1,000 tiendas en todo Estados Unidos. El objetivo es eliminar los costos generales, reducir los errores humanos y, en [...]

Sistemas de visión robótica en el espacio comercial2020-05-04T09:22:51-04:00

Recolección de basura con robots 3D


En los Estados Unidos, la tasa de desempleo está en su punto más bajo en casi cincuenta años. Como resultado, la necesidad de automatizar la recolección de basura es urgente. En los EE. UU., Donde el 38% de la fuerza laboral manufacturera mueve partes entre contenedores y máquinas de fabricación, [...]

Recolección de basura con robots 3D2023-04-03T12:23:37-04:00
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