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Laser-Based Defense Technology


NATO, Russia, and China have been engaged in a new arms race for quite a while. The top prizes now include hypersonics, railguns, and lasers. After years of study and development, not to mention billions of dollars spent, the three technologies are now finally starting [...]

Laser-Based Defense Technology2021-08-23T16:03:55-04:00

Looking For Water On The Moon With Lasers Lenses


A briefcase-sized device housing a powerful laser sounds like a sci-fi gadget, but it is precisely what NASA intends to deploy to search for water and ice on the surface of the Moon. The proposed CubeSat, dubbed «Lunar Flashlight», will play a key role in [...]

Looking For Water On The Moon With Lasers Lenses2021-08-23T14:24:05-04:00

Using LIDAR Technology To Preserve History


Over the years, archaeologists around the world have made a number of attempts to preserve their country’s heritage and culture. Technological advancements have helped many of them be successful, maximizing their efficacy, and reducing the consumption of time. With the advances in technology, though, the ways of revisiting and reconstructing [...]

Using LIDAR Technology To Preserve History2021-01-22T12:18:27-05:00

Laser Robots in Automotive Factories


Many manufacturing facilities are outdated and inefficient. That’s why so many companies are looking at retooling. Not only have the products changed, but the flow of the facility has become more of a challenge. Manufacturers have to be flexible in order to keep up with production needs. [...]

Laser Robots in Automotive Factories2020-09-16T12:59:50-04:00

Qué es la tecnología láser


Para responder a la pregunta, ¿qué es la tecnología láser y dónde se puede utilizar, es importante entender exactamente lo que el término láser se refiere. El término en sí se originó como un acrónimo ‘light unamplificación por stimulated emisión de radiation’. en otras palabras, ‘láser’ es un dispositivo que [...]

Qué es la tecnología láser2020-05-04T09:22:09-04:00

Colisionores de Diodos Láser


Los colimadores de diodos láser se utilizan para colisionar el haz altamente divergente que emite un diodo láser. Consiste en un soporte de diodo láser, un soporte de lente de colmaización y una lente de colimación de alta apertura numérica (NA), con una distancia focal [...]

Colisionores de Diodos Láser2021-02-22T15:28:11-05:00

Técnicas de imágenes 3D y coches sin conductor


En 2013, en las calles de Parma, Italia, un vehículo autónomo naves navegó con éxito una ruta en una vía pública sin conductor. El curso fue relativamente corto, pero, incluyó una serie de escenarios de tráfico complejos, rotondas, fusión de carriles de tráfico, luces y pasos de peatones. Esto se [...]

Técnicas de imágenes 3D y coches sin conductor2020-07-20T15:46:16-04:00
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