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How Home Security Cameras Keep Your Family Safe


The world has many threats that endanger your family’s security. That’s why it’s worth investing in state-of-the-art home security. It empowers homeowners with more granular control over their safety and security. High-quality UV lenses have changed the game forever, improving cameras and making thermal imaging [...]

How Home Security Cameras Keep Your Family Safe2022-06-15T13:29:04-04:00

Why UV Lenses Are Essential In Forensic Applications


These days, forensics plays a critical role in many different fields. The primary purpose is to apply science or scientific knowledge to criminal investigations to enhance public safety. In addition, accurate forensics plays a crucial role in identifying criminals and putting the pieces together at [...]

Why UV Lenses Are Essential In Forensic Applications2022-06-15T12:55:09-04:00

UV Lenses To Drive The Future


As businesses continue to look for ways to streamline their operations, many are turning to autonomous driving lenses. These devices offer several benefits to people and organizations that use them, including reduced costs and improved efficiency, which benefit everyone. So let’s discuss how this type [...]

UV Lenses To Drive The Future2022-06-15T12:29:30-04:00

How UV Lenses Are Revolutionizing The Food Industry


Food safety is always a pressing concern for consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the role of UV light in food safety. UV light has proven to kill bacteria and other contaminants on food surfaces. [...]

How UV Lenses Are Revolutionizing The Food Industry2022-06-15T11:21:20-04:00

UV Light In Forensics


Forensic investigators and researchers utilize a variety of light sources to examine the evidence found at a crime scene. Among a plethora of light sources, Ultraviolet (UV) light, in particular, has gained a positive reputation for efficient and effective examination of biologically contaminated evidence. As [...]

UV Light In Forensics2021-11-15T11:43:23-05:00

Tracking Counterfeit Currency With The Help Of Bill Counters


It is not every day that businesses deal with the problem of receiving counterfeit currency. Be that as it may, this act of forgery — despite its infrequency — cannot be overlooked. It goes without saying that this deliberate attempt to defraud the receiver is fraudulent, and that makes it [...]

Tracking Counterfeit Currency With The Help Of Bill Counters2021-01-22T12:30:30-05:00

Irradiación ultravioleta


Estudios recientes han demostrado que existe una amplia variedad de estos contaminantes a concentraciones traza en todos los suministros de agua y en el aire. La irradiación germicida ultravioleta (UVGI) es un método de desinfección que utiliza luz ultravioleta de longitud de onda corta (UV-C) [...]

Irradiación ultravioleta2021-02-22T15:31:30-05:00

Elegir energía ultravioleta para la desinfección de aguas residuales


La energía ultravioleta o UV se encuentra en el espectro electromagnético entre la luz visible y los rayos X y se puede describir mejor como radiación invisible. Con el fin de matar los microorganismos, los rayos UV realmente deben golpear la célula. La luz ULTRAVIOLETa, o luz ultravioleta, desinfecta las [...]

Elegir energía ultravioleta para la desinfección de aguas residuales2020-04-28T18:19:26-04:00
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