High resolution lenses for machine vision — standard and custom lens design

CCD/CMOS Lens Assemblies for Medical Systems

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.

CCD/CMOS Lens Assemblies for Medical Systems

Universe Optics designs custom lens assemblies for use in medical systems and many other types of devices. When a lens or lens assembly is needed for medical uses, we can customize it to your specifications. These are completely customized, high quality, permanent lens solutions that can improve the output of your medical device!

Medical Imaging CMOS Lenses
Our custom lens assemblies are manufactured with the customer in mind and they are designed to be used for all types of medical imaging. Medical imaging is the process of creating images of the human body, such as the internal organs and body limbs throughout. We produce products that are extremely durable, well-made, and very functional. If you are looking for custom lens assemblies for your medical systems, we have dozens of products that you can browse through and you can always talk to one of our qualified experts. We can provide you with recommendations and advice for your lens assembly!

In total, we have over 1600 different lenses. We provide a wide range of options when it comes to CCD/CMOS lenses and we even provide an online, instant focal length calculator that can help you determine what type of focal length you need for your lenses. Our engineers can help you with the selection process as well. Our engineers are trained and highly qualified to help our customers through the buying process and help them understand what exactly they need and how much it is going to cost.

CCD/CMOS lens assemblies are affordable and they are made to a very high quality standard. Our custom lens assemblies for medical systems are available with many different resolutions from carry low, medium, and high resolution lens assemblies. This provides you with plenty of selection and a wide range of options.

We also provide top-quality custom lenses for automotive, medical, military, scientific, industrial, and all other types of uses.