What’s New: 50mm F/3.5 UV Quartz Lens


Features include: Four Element all quartz optics All aluminum mechanical parts and barrel with rubber grip ring Removable C-Mount adapter reveals a universal T-Mount Transmission from 200 to over 1000nm 35mm Film Format coverage in T configuration 18mm image coverage in C-mount configuration 55mm x 0.75 filter threads Metal threaded [...]

What’s New: 50mm F/3.5 UV Quartz Lens2020-04-28T18:09:43-04:00

What’s New: UV Filters


New line of Ultra Violet Quartz Lenses for imaging in the deep UV spectrum Available from stock in 25, 50, 78, and 105mm focal lengths, these lenses are well suited to forensic investigation and other UV and Infra-red imaging applications. We have designed and manufactured these lenses as a reasonably [...]

What’s New: UV Filters2020-04-28T18:09:43-04:00

Ultra Violet Lights Purify Drinking Water


Ultra violet lights can help purify drinking water in both home and business settings because ultra violet is an effective way to kill potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms; learn more at

Ultra Violet Lights Purify Drinking Water2020-04-28T18:10:02-04:00