Drones are Everywhere

Long before stories of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or “drones,” appeared frequently in the news, NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recognized the need to safely manage UAS flying at low altitudes in airspace not currently managed by the FAA. For more than 25 years, NASA has conducted air traffic management system research in […]

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Eye-Safe Laser Aircraft Tracking Devices Developed

Researchers in the UK have been working on a tracking system that is based on eye-safe lasers to enable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), aircraft and satellites to transmit data to ground stations quickly, security and efficiently. The concept has been tested successfully in-flight. The system, which aims a laser designed with a custom lens that […]

Flight Simulation

Flight Simulation Technology Keeps Pilots Skills Fresh

Have you ever wanted to soar above the earth, but have your feet never leave the ground? If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to man an airplane, flight simulation is the technology that brings that dream to life. Pilots typically fly high above the earth, but many times a year they are […]

Navigation By Stars

Navigation Equipment For Ships And Submarines Continue To Advance

In decades past, the navigation of ships, submarines and other sea-faring vessels was performed by steering toward the stars or navigating using the moon or the sun. Today’s ship navigation officers have highly advanced navigational equipment at hand that make the sea journey safer and smoother. Here are a few of the many navigational pieces […]

CCTV For Homeland Security

Using CCTV Cameras For Homeland Security

Keeping our borders secure and our national interests safe has become the focus of many news stories and is more critical now than ever before. Because of that, many government agencies and border patrol agencies have turned to CCTV (close circuit television) as a way to monitor activity. CCTV cameras and its camera management software […]

Automobile Night Vision Technology

Night Vision Technology Makes Driving Safer

Night vision technology is nothing new, it’s been used since World War ll and is still used in modern warfare as well as in today’s automobiles. The benefits of night vision are that the military can maneuver in and monitor situations in little to no light. The technology relies on “atmospheric nightglow” which is basically […]

UV Rays - Swimming Pool

Treat Water With UV Rays

Swimming pool service professionals have long known that the water in a pool can be treated by utilizing ultraviolet (UV) rays instead of, or in addition to, pool chemicals such as chlorine. A new process has been adapted that can quickly break down pollutants in wastewater, swimming pool or drinking water without the use of […]

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Protect Your Home With CCTV Camera Technology

When it comes to home security you want to be safe and protected. You also want to know that your home is protected when you’re away – whether at work or on a business trip. UKA Optics, is a manufacturer of custom CCTV lenses such as those you’d see in night vision systems, hi-speed imaging, […]

What’s New: UVS Lenses

Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of lenses, new F/2.8 lenses for ultraviolet quartz lens assemblies. These lenses are well suited for forensic investigation and other UV and Infra-red imaging applications. The new UVS lenses have a smaller package size than the standard UV lenses. The lenses are available in M12 mount, also known as […]


What’s New: NZ470

What’s New: NZ470 NZ470 Lens: 47mm F/5.0  Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of lenses, a new 47mm F/5.0 lens for large format imaging applications. These lenses are designed for high resolution imaging with large format and linear sensor scanning and similar applications. The lenses are available in M42 T mount or M72 […]