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Robotic Farming: The Future Is Here


Robotic farming is here and it’s showing up in small pockets of the world. In the not-too-distant future, our fields could all be tilled, sown, tended and harvested entirely by fleets of co-operating autonomous machines by land and air.  They will be working both day and night. [...]

Robotic Farming: The Future Is Here2020-10-28T08:40:09-04:00

CCTV Cameras and Police Robots


Law enforcement agencies around the globe are beginning to rely more heavily on technology to assist in their roles to keep the peace. The use of CCTV cameras, and more recently, police robots, are aiding in many areas of law enforcement. Over the past 10 + years, the United Kingdom [...]

CCTV Cameras and Police Robots2020-04-28T18:13:30-04:00

Robotics In Manufacturing


From the grocery store to the factory floor, once common jobs have become tasks done through robotic technology. The ability to automate work and use artificial intelligence to augment everyday tasks is ever growing, and the nature of change in the workforce is accelerating as robotics in manufacturing, the whir [...]

Robotics In Manufacturing2020-04-28T18:13:34-04:00

Automation in Agriculture


For centuries, farming was an intuitive process. Today, it’s networked, analytical, and data-driven. Large farms (1,000 acres or more) started the trend, adopting the tools of precision agriculture—using GPS-guided tractors, drones, and computer modeling to customize how each inch of land is farmed. Farm managers can measure and map things [...]

Automation in Agriculture2020-10-28T08:40:44-04:00

Robotics In The Dairy Industry


As the demand for more automation increases, we are seeing it played out in more industries on a global scale. Precision dairy farming, which includes the use of automated milking and computerized systems to milk or feed dairy cattle, has been increasing steadily in the dairy industry in recent years. [...]

Robotics In The Dairy Industry2020-04-28T18:13:36-04:00

Robotics for Lawn Care


For some, mowing the lawn is a meditative, almost spiritual experience.  It’s a chance to tune out while getting a little exercise walking behind a lawnmower, while inhaling the scent of freshly cut grass. Some, on the other hand,  absolutely hate the thought.  It’s a numbingly repetitive, sweaty, noisy, waste-of-time [...]

Robotics for Lawn Care2020-04-28T18:13:36-04:00

New technology shrinks mechanical LIDAR sensors onto silicon wafers


The field of robot vision guidance is developing rapidly. The benefits of sophisticated vision technology include savings, improved quality, reliability, safety and productivity. Robot vision is used for part identification and navigation. Vision applications generally deal with finding a part and orienting it for robotic handling or inspection before an [...]

New technology shrinks mechanical LIDAR sensors onto silicon wafers2020-04-28T18:13:37-04:00

Production Fault-Finding using Hi-Speed Imaging Systems


As the automated manufacturing environment continues to evolve, the ability to analyze high-speed processes in order to increase quality and efficiency, along with the ability to identify and resolve immediate manufacturing line problems is essential. Factory floor personnel are required to accurately and quickly analyze and adjust complex electro-mechanical systems.  [...]

Production Fault-Finding using Hi-Speed Imaging Systems2020-04-28T18:13:39-04:00
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