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Microscope Objectives and Eyepieces in Standard and Custom Designs

Understanding What Your Microscope Can Do And Determining Objectives


Lentes de cuarzo UV y diseño de lentes para aplicaciones industriales electrónicas, ópticas, médicas y de precisión. Nuestra línea de lentes de cuarzo ultravioleta está diseñada para la creación de imágenes en el espectro UV profundo Lentes de cuarzo UV optimizadas para longitud de onda de 266 nm. Disponibles [...]

Understanding What Your Microscope Can Do And Determining Objectives2016-01-11T18:55:17-05:00

Understanding What Your Microscope Can Do And Determining Objectives


The investment in a microscope for a business or research facility is more involved than one might think. Researchers, businesses and manufacturers need to understand the outcomes they are seeking when purchasing a microscope. At its core a microscope is an optical device that you can use to project or [...]

Understanding What Your Microscope Can Do And Determining Objectives2020-04-28T17:56:40-04:00

Medical Lenses And Microscopy Illuminates Cancers


Discovering cancer cells and cancerous tissues as soon as medically possibly bodes best for the patient to receive a diagnosis and treatment that brings with it the best possible outcome. Using “ultrafast nonlinear microscopy” surgeons can identify and remove the tumor margins in real time, preventing the need for the [...]

Medical Lenses And Microscopy Illuminates Cancers2020-04-28T17:56:44-04:00

Optical Filters Detect Fluorescent Dyes


In the medical field, a fluorophore is a fluorescent dye that is utilized to highlight cells, proteins and tissues to enable the radiologist to be able to “read” the fluorescent label for examination by fluorescence microscopy. The dye absorbs the specific wavelength of the cell, protein or tissue, converts its [...]

Optical Filters Detect Fluorescent Dyes2020-04-28T17:56:48-04:00

Microscopes Enhance Micro-dissection


Micro-dissection is a medical procedure that was originally used to isolate, analyze and classify tumorous tissues in the molecular pathology field. As a first step, this was a necessary procedure to allow the pathologists to establish a clear diagnosis which would then be the basis for the patient’s prognosis and [...]

Microscopes Enhance Micro-dissection2020-04-28T17:56:49-04:00

Lasers Pinpoint Cholesterol


Cholesterol hides in cells and can lead to various health issues including obesity, diabetes and even lead to heart conditions. A new high speed spectroscopy technique has been developed that can pinpoint those cells that store cholesterol. A hyperspectral-stimulated Raman-scattering microscopy device, developed by Purdue University researchers, maps the lipid [...]

Lasers Pinpoint Cholesterol2020-04-28T17:56:53-04:00

Mitochondria Insights Enabled Through Optical Microscopy


A new optical microscopy technique that is able to unravel – in real time – the role of “oxidative stress” in injured and healthy nervous systems has been developed by scientists at the University of Munich and Ludwig-Maximilians University, both in German. In the human body, reactive oxygen species are [...]

Mitochondria Insights Enabled Through Optical Microscopy2020-04-28T17:56:56-04:00

Smartphones Get Better Lenses


Smart phones continue to get even smarter with the new technology developed by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Australian National University. By adding a small, lentil-sized lens, a smart phone can be transformed into a microscope. Not only can this lens transform the phone, but it also [...]

Smartphones Get Better Lenses2020-04-28T17:56:57-04:00

Lasers Treat Glaucoma Patients


A company in California has earned FDA clearance to use its Cyclo G6 laser. This laser is designed to treat glaucoma patients and help relieve the symptoms of the eye disease. The laser features the company’s proprietary MicroPulse tissue-sparing technology which utilizes a family of single-use probes. According to a [...]

Lasers Treat Glaucoma Patients2020-04-28T17:57:02-04:00
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