Diagnostic Imaging Enhance Treatments

Physicians and surgeons utilize diagnostic imaging to capture images of internal organs and bones in the human body; learn more at universeoptics.com


Choosing The Best Photographic Filter

UV filters act as a protection for your lens and also reduces the haze and the possibility of a purple border showing up on your prints; learn more at universeoptics.com


CCTV Camera Lenses

Individuals understand that when they go into banking institutions, ATMs, casinos or retail stores of all sizes, there will likely be CCTV cameras recording their every movement; learn more at universeoptics.com


CMOS Lens In Low Light At High Speed

Researchers have developed and patented a CMOS sensor that can be used to capture large pixel images in low light applications without the reduction of speed.


Cellphone Camera Technology

Many smart phone users are leaving their DSLR cameras at home in favor of the cameras that are built into their smart phones; learn more at universeoptics.com


CMOS Lenses & Night Sky Photography

A camera equipped with a CMOS sensor includes a modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity; learn more at universeoptics.com