CMOS Lenses & Night Sky Photography

A camera equipped with a CMOS sensor includes a modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity; learn more at


CMOS Lenses Have Come A Long Way

Over the past few decades, CMOS lenses have continued to improve into what is now a very sophisticated lens used for numerous applications.


Digital Imaging Enhances Diagnosis

Digital imaging systems involve the capture and creation of visual images of the organs, tissues and other body structures of patients; learn more at


CIR Lenses

Today’s night vision technology allows individuals to operate under the cover of complete darkness; learn more at


Diode Laser Headlights Could Replace LED Styles

LED lights (light emitting diodes) have been used a source of light in everything from underwater swimming pool lights to automotive lighting in signals and brake lights to traffic signals; learn more at


CCTV Lens Assemblies for Medical Systems

One of the biggest benefits of CCTV lens assemblies for medical systems is the fact that it provides doctors with a much better view of internal organs; learn more at


Diode Laser Lenses

Advances in diode laser lenses may have made it possible to produce enough light for a projector in a small device like a mobile phone; learn more at