CIR Lenses

Today’s night vision technology allows individuals to operate under the cover of complete darkness; learn more at


Diode Lasers Detect Environment

Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy sensor technology can be found in CD players as it helps the device translate the sound waves the CD is emitting; learn more at


Diode Lasers Detect Threats

Researchers have developed a new way to detect explosives possibly hundreds of feet away; learn more at


CCTV Camera Lenses

Individuals understand that when they go into banking institutions, ATMs, casinos or retail stores of all sizes, there will likely be CCTV cameras recording their every movement; learn more at


Detecting Malaria With Infrared Light

Researchers have found a way to detect one of the most deadly, and most common diseases that plagues the world, malaria; learn more at


CMOS Lens In Low Light At High Speed

Researchers have developed and patented a CMOS sensor that can be used to capture large pixel images in low light applications without the reduction of speed.