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License Plate Readers


The use of license plate readers is increasing in popularity with police and other law enforcement agencies to find stolen cars and catch up with people with expired licenses or active warrants. And when they’re not piggybacking on police cruisers, plate readers are often affixed to utility poles or freeway [...]

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Types Of Surveillance Cameras


They are everywhere. Security cameras seem to be on every corner, at entry ways at shopping centers, in parking lots, private homes, and businesses. Government agencies, private businesses, and homeowners know that there are now many types of surveillance cameras from which to choose. […]

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CMOS Image Sensors


Virtually all digital and video cameras use CMOS image sensors. In the past two decades, numerous advances have been made in this type of imaging technology. Now, CMOS image sensors are beginning to be made with superior quality that will provide a large range of new products for military and [...]

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3D Printing And Terahertz Radiation


Terahertz radiation is used in a wide variety of applications including airport security checks and material analysis in a lab.  The wavelength of this radiation is significantly larger than the wavelength of visible light, as it is in the millimeter range.  It also requires specialized techniques to manipulate the beams [...]

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Ultraviolet Lenses


Ultraviolet lenses are used in many focusing, collimation, or laser applications that operate within the ultraviolet spectrum. They are optical lenses that consist of a single, or multiple elements that have been designed for optimal performance when used in ultraviolet light. […]

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Understanding Computer Vision


Someone throws a ball. The other person catches it. Simple, right? No, not really. This is one of the most complex processes science has ever attempted to comprehend, let alone recreate. Inventing a machine to see like the human eye does is deceptively difficult. Not only because it’s hard to [...]

Understanding Computer Vision2020-04-28T18:13:22-04:00

Photoelectric Sensors


Sometimes known as photo eyes, photoelectric sensors emit a beam of light that is used to detect the presence or absence of items and equipment, or changes in surface conditions.  When the emitted light is interrupted or reflected back by the object, the change in light patterns is measured by [...]

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LWIR (Long-Wave Infrared Imaging) Becomes More Accessible


We live in a day and age where new technologies are being brought to the market at what seems like lightening speed. One advancement leads to another, and then another. New products, based on emerging technologies are continuously being launched.   One such technological advance is long-wave infrared – LWIR – [...]

LWIR (Long-Wave Infrared Imaging) Becomes More Accessible2020-04-28T18:13:25-04:00
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